People to Obey the Movement Control Order (MCO)

Covid-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). This pandemic has harmed our country and people in many ways. As a result, the Government has issued a directive of the Movement Control Order (MCO) beginning March 18, 2020 for the purpose of controlling the spread of Covid-19 infections.

Throughout the MCO, many people have disobeyed the MCO instructions. Individuals have been found arguing with authorities during roadblocks, and even daring to organize private parties. Authorities have taken action against such individuals by arresting them and also charging them in court.

According to JP-Morgan, an increase of 6000 Covid-19 positive cases will occur in mid-April. However the Ministry of Health (MOH) is trying its best to prevent such an incident.

Let us take the example of the United States. They started with 1465 positive cases on March 12, and it is rising sharply to more than one hundred thousand positive cases to date.

If many still refuse to obey the instructions issued by the MCO authorities, the chances of increasing the number of infections will be high. This will further complicate the MOH’s efforts to curb the spread. An extension of the MCO may have to be extended.

Terence Au, Wira Warisan Sabah Vice Chief, urges Malaysians everywhere to step up preventive measures such as hand washing with soap and water, using hand-sanitizers, and wearing masks. Aside from making necessary runs to get food supplies and medicines, we must obey the Movement Control Order to stay at home.

The State Government and Federal Government understand the problems faced by our people today. Therefore they are helping people through various economic packages. Hopefully these will lighten the financial burdens of the people.

The frontliners are working hard round the clock right now. Doctors, nurses, police, soldiers, RELA. There are also those who are directly or indirectly involved, too. There are those who are still on duty at the airport, those who deliver food everyday. We thank all these people who work selflessly for us. Let us continually keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

Come on, Malaysians! We can ALL help by taking on the responsibility of stopping the transmission of Covid-19 in our country. All we need to do is STAY AT HOME.

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